Rooftop Grease Solutions

Rooftop grease solutions for fan discharge


The Rooftop Grease Solution
As a food service provider your facility may be subject to unnecessary liabilities, rooftop safety hazards and code violations. Grease and oil emitted onto your rooftop by your kitchen exhaust fans result in unnecessary roof leaks, costly roof repairs, unsafe work areas and even worse— FIRE. Not only are grease and oil the source of roof deterioration, they are also extremely flammable. Over 98% of all restaurant fires are due in part to kitchen exhaust grease and oil. A spark can travel through the exhaust system to the roof surface resulting in extensive damage to your property and investment.

We Can Help You Comply
National Fire Protection Association *NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations 1998 Edition states: 4-8.2.1 Rooftop Termination shall be arranged with or provided with the following… (c) The ability to drain grease out of any traps or low points formed in the fan or duct near the termination of the system into a collection container that is noncombustible, closed, rainproof, structurally sound for the service to which it is applied, and will not sustain combustion. A grease collection device that is applied to exhaust system shall not inhibit the performance of any fan.

Rooftop Grease Solutions - Grease Gutters
Everyone has seen restaurant rooftops stained by the FOG’s (fats, oils and grease) that can leak from exhaust fans. The grease from commercial kitchens travels through the hood vent and ends up on the roof. Not only is this unsightly and damaging to your building, but it can also pose a major fire hazard. Our preventative solution is to put a grease gutter with an absorbent pad on your exhaust fan which soaks up the grease that exits your fan. For simple preventative maintenance, replace this absorbent pad in the grease gutter every time you get your hood vents cleaned.