Dumpster Pad Grease Containment

dumpster pad grease control

While grease is essential for your food service establishment, it requires the proper equipment for clean and safe containment or disposal.  In addition to plastic and stainless steel grease traps and grease trap accessories, Drain-Net features three essential products for complete grease management at your restaurant or commercial kitchen.
Dumpster Guards - For outdoor Grease Containment and Cleanliness

Grease DumpsterUntil now, there hasn’t been a way to contain the grease spillage and filth that accumulates under and around the grease dumpsters. In addition to being an aesthetic mess, you can now find yourself in violation of the Clean Water Act which was enacted to prevent grease spillage onto the ground and into storm sewers. The Drain-Net Dumpster Guard holds a grease absorbing filter pad which can easily be replaced when saturated. The installation of the Dumpster Guard system protects the restaurant from EPA violations, and at the same time prevents pavement damage and provides a clean, safe, and visually pleasing environment for your employees and customers.