About Us:
Drain-Net building located in Branchburg, NJDrain-Net is changing the way the restaurant industry approaches drain line maintenance.  The large amount of food, grease, and debris found in a commercial kitchen makes restaurants highly susceptible to drain backups and plumbing emergencies.  A “reactionary” approach to this problem is very costly and a major headache to restaurant staff.  That is why Drain-Net has developed simple “preventative” solutions to solve common plumbing problems.  With products that are safe easy to use, Drain-Net’s customers can dramatically reduce or eliminate drain backups, cleaning services, and costly repairs.  Their non-chemical approach toward drain line maintenance is safe for the environment and staff.  Restaurants also rely on Drain-Net for grease interceptors and related products.  
You can contact us at:
Phone:  908-236-0277
Fax:  908-236-0278
Mailing Address:
PO Box 203
Stanton, NJ  08885


veteran-owned-business About Us - Drain-Net

We are proud to be a veteran owned business!  You can view our certificate by clicking this link