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Block Odors, Harmful Sewer Gases, and Fruit Flies!
Traps provide a physical barrier between a building and the drainage system.  Unfortunately they often do not receive enough drainage to maintain the water seal.  This exposes your facility to dangerous sewer gases, odors, fruit flies, and pest infestation. 
Drain-Net offers the most effective solution to this problem with Green Drains Super Seal.  Green Drains seals off your facility from noxious gasses and creates a barrier to drain pests and the like.  It is a simple alternative to a costly trap primer with no mechanical parts to replace or maintain. 
Green Drains also solves the problem of evaporation water in infrequently used floor drain traps which has become more of a problem with the advent of waterless cleaning systems.  The old solution use to be costly trap primers which require a great deal of service and can create costly maintenance problems.
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Inline Floor Drain Trap Sealer - Green Drains

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