Urinal Mats & Screens

bad smelling mens restroom

The top complaint for ongoing restroom odor issues is urine.  That's why Drain-Net offers many solutions address this common issue.  We offer innovative urinal screens with deodorizing properties as well as urinal floor mats which both absorp and deodorize.  

Why is commercial bathroom maintanence so important?  Because it reflects a lot about your business!  Whether you own a restaurant or a retail store, customers will take notice of how you take care of your restroom.  Don't miss this easy opportunity to impress.

Also, don't forget to take care of your employees.  Even if you don't have customers comming into your bathrooms, you need to ensure your bathrooms are clean for your employees.  Happy employees will be more productive.

If you notice there are still odors in your restroom after purchasing these products, please note that the second most common odor source is the floor drain.  When the drains dry out, sewer gases escape into the restroom causing lingering odors.  Luckily, we offer a solution with our Green Drain Inline Floor Trap Sealer. Click on the link to learn more.