Metal Grease Traps

Drain-Net is your leading online supplier for metal grease traps.  Commercial cooking area such as restaurants, schools and resort are required to follow the building codes to install the grease traps in their sinks, dishwashers and floor drains that prevent the grease to run down into the main drain.

The main purpose of the grease traps is stopping the grease of cooking, oil and fats while letting all the other liquid waste run down into the main drain system. Commercial companies make these grease traps and classify them depending upon their capacity to stop the grease and all other stubborn obstructions from entering the main sewer.

It is very important to separate liquid waste from the greasy matter, and grease traps do this job perfectly.

Plus these grease traps are essential for the commercial kitchen because releasing grease, oil and fats in the drain can turn into a form of solid waste that obstructs the drain and plumbing system.

Select sizes up to 50 GPM are PDI Certified by manufacturer.

Metal Grease Interceptors


Steel Grease Interceptor 4 GPM - GT2700-04

Steel Grease Interceptor 7 GPM - GT2700-07

Steel Grease Interceptor 10GPM - GT2700-10

Steel Grease Interceptor 15 GPM - GT2700-15

Steel Grease Interceptor 20 GPM - GT2700-20

Steel Grease Interceptor 25 GPM - GT2700-25

Steel Grease Interceptor 35 GPM - GT2700-35

Steel Grease Interceptor 50 GPM - GT2700-50

Steel Grease Interceptor 20 GPM - GT2701-20

Steel Grease Interceptor 35 GPM - GT2701-35

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