triple protection for floor sinks

Drain-Net offers Triple Protection for Floor Sinks and Drians!

1. Every Floor Sink needs a Basket Strainer to keep the sink free of food, trash, and large debris that can quickly acumulate. Drain-Net offers both plastic and stainless steel basket strainers.

2. Too often employees or cleaning crews remove the drain cover so that they can quickly wash the floor debris down the drain.  This leads to frequent drain clogs and grease trap backups.  The Guardian Drain-Lock is a locking strainer that prevents this from ever happening.

3. The flexible Drain Sock is the final say in drain protection.  Fitting perfectly underneath the Guardian Drain-Lock this strainer captures all the fine particles and debris that build up over time a facilities drain lines.  Periodically emtpy the Drain Sock and never worry about a clogged drain again. 

Floor Sink Basket Strainers for Foodservice and commercial kitchens

Guardian Drain Lock Hybrid Series for Restaurants and Kitchen floor sinks

Flex Drain Sock for Floor Drains