Toilet Drain Clog Prevention for Commercial Facilities

Toilet Drain Clog

Drain-Net helps prevent drain clogs in all drains, including the toilet.  When items get clogged in toilets, the cost to clear up the problem can be very costly.

how to stop toilet clogs

One of the most common items to cause toilet clogs are wipes. It seems reasonable that anything used to wipe an infant's backside should be able to go down the toilet, but unfortunately, that just isn't the case. These convenience items are the number one cause of clogs and can cause expensive damage to your plumbing.Toilet and baby wipes often bear the logo stating they are safe for flushing when a drain is already a little blocked this cause a backup and is commonly seen by technicians.

Other common items to cause toilet drain line clogs are hair, paper, and just about any foreign object you can imagine.

Manual Solutions:  We are proud to offer Traptex to prevent wipes and other foreign objects from being flushed down the toilet.  It is perfect for commercial and public buildings.

Automatic Solution: We also offer a Toilet Grinder System that can grind up non-flushable items so that your commercial facility can avoid costly toilet drain clogs.

Product Comparison Traptex Toilet Grinder System
How it works Catches non-flushables Grinds non-flushables
Installation Do-it-yourself or professional Professional installation requied
Works with existing toilet YES NO
Great for Commercial Buildings YES YES
Great for Residential Buildings YES YES
Electrical Required NO  YES
New Plumbing Required  NO YES


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