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Drain-Net is the leader for commercial drains AND drains at home!  We offer a number of shower drains to keep hair out of your pipes and free of clogs.  
Many people notice foul odors emitting from their shower drain.  Most likely these smells are coming from a septic tank or the sewer.  Not only can theses odors “stink”, they can also be dangerous to you and your family.  That’s why Drain-Net offers the “Green Drain“.  It features a one-way valve and creates a seal to eliminate floor drain odor issues.  The Green Drain allows water to drain down your pipes, but nothing can come back up.  This also makes it a great solution to stop unwanted pests from crawling up your shower drain. 
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Green Drain is the Sanitary, eco-friendly and chemical free solution!  It is simple and easy to install with no mechanical parts.  Simply unscrew your drain cover, and fit into the pipe.  Most shower drain pipes are 2″ or 3″ so be sure to measure before you order.  
Drain Protector - strainer for sink drainsLooking for a Drain Protector? Be sure to add one of our shower strainers on top of the green drain to grab hair.
Our fruit fly solutions also work great at home.
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