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Garbage Disposal Replacement Units (GDRUs)

A GDRU is an under-the-sink garbage disposal alternative that collect solids and prevent drain clogs.  Upgrade your commercial kitchen today! 

3%20step%20process%20for%20gdru Garbage Disposal Replacement Units for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens
In food preparation establishments, the garbage disposal does a very thorough job of mixing freshwater with ground food waste and FOG, increasing the burden of the grease trap/interceptor which is designed to separate water from grease. This is why using a mechanical garbage disposal to grind food waste is not a part of the Best Management Practice. 
In recent years commercial garbage disposals have been identified as the greatest single source of ground food waste and FOG accumulated in public sanitary sewer lines causing overflows. More and more City Halls and local Water Districts have restricted or even prohibited the continued usage of commercial garbage disposals.

Instead of grinding the food waste and wasting freshwater for flushing, the strainer-drawer in the GDRU strains solid particles under the pre-rinse sink when dirty dishes are being rinsed, affecting a much needed pretreatment process of restaurant wastewater.

To ensure the food waste is not flushed down your drains, install our Garbage Disposal Replacement Unit to catch any solid waste before it enters the piping system and grease trap/interceptor. (Note that this product is called by various names such as GDRU, Grease Trap Pre-Strainer, Flat Strainer, Commercial Strainer, Indirect Waste Interceptor, and Garburator Replacement.)  A GDRU will help to eliminate the backflows and the foul grease trap/interceptor odors, and costly repairs to your pipes. Additionally, many states such as New York and New Jersey have passed laws that require restaurants to install indirect waste units. These products will help ensure your restaurant stays compliant.
Why GDRU's are preferred over mechanical garbage disposals
  • Zero danger to employees. Garbage disposals present a clear and present danger to kitchen staff. These units are designed to indiscriminately grind up anything coming into contact with grinding or cutting heads.
  • Environmentally friendly product that saves money on water and electricity
  • Keeps grease trap cleaner, which lowers maintenance frequency
  • Encouraged (or required) by local governments and Water Districts
  • No moving parts to constantly maintain or repair 


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