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Too often, business owners just accept the fact that plumbing costs are a routine (and often) expensive cost of doing business.  Anyone in the food industry will tell you that drain clogs caused by food particles and other debris are almost unavoidable.  Have you taken the time to calculate all the costs and risks associated with clogged drains?

Potential Drain Issues

  • Calling a plumber to react to the clogged drain
  • Video Inspection of drains/sewer lines
  • Drain Flushing / jetting to clear debri out of drains
  • Attracts sewer flies and other pests
  • Repulsive odor
  • Slip hazards caused by flooded or wet floors
  • Health code violations
  • Fines or surcharges for waste water management
  • Repairs to corroded pipes form drainage chemicals
  • Shutdown due to flooded floors

Estimated Costs

  • $100 - $250 depending on day and time
  • $150 - $250
  • As much as $150 to thousands of dollars
  • Pest control expenses and turns customers away
  • Turns customers away
  • No price can be put on employee safety
  • Detracts customers and can be shut down
  • Can be hundreds of dollars a day
  • Can cost thousands of dollars
  • Extremely Costly

Drain-Net offers you PREVENTATIVE SOLUTIONS for all your Drain, Grease, and Waste management issues.  You no longer have to put yourself and your business at risk to these potentially costly drain issues.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

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