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A6 Flat Strainer (New 3-leg model)
Product Code: GDR-A6-3L | New Model Coming Soon!

$695.00 each

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  • If you want to keep your restaurant or commercial kitchen running smoothly, then you need a Flat Drain Strainer (also called Garbage Disposal Replacement - GDR).
  • When your commercial garbage disposal is leaking and needs to be repaired or replaced, we have a better solution.
  • It replaces your defective commercial disposal at a fraction of the price of repairing or replacing your disposer and keep the sinks in your dishroom flowing smoothly.
  • Stop wasting money on service calls for broken garbage disposals and backed-up drain lines
  • With no electrical or moving parts, it is easy to maintain and simple to use. Simply remove the strainer drawer and either save the food debris for compost or empty it into the trash.

Product Features:

  • Prevents drain clogs and improves performance of grease trap
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Flanged feet that can be bolted to floor
  • Splash Guard on top that also helps fit rounded bowls (perfect for indirect plumbing)
  • Can fit under lower sinks (height of unit is about 10" off the ground)
  • Outlets on left and right side. Multiple units can be plumed together.



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Clinton Station Diner
Clinton, NJ

The Clinton Station Diner uses grease traps and GDRU's (garbage disposal replacement units) from Drain-Net.

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