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Does your facility have drain clogs from rubber field turf?crumb_rubber_drain_clog.jpg

Artificial rubber turf fields look amazing, but there is one aspect of their maintenance that shouldn't be overlooked.  The small rubber pellets (called crumb rubber) does not stay in place.  It can move around and stick to skin, shoes, clothing, equipment, and everyone who uses the field.  

And what happens after the game or practice?  Everyone heads to the showers to wash off and / or clean the equipment.  So all that crumb rubber eventually gets washed down the drain.  

Many maintenance managers have noticed that these rubber pellets combined with hot soapy water from the shower is a bad mixture.  They wash down into the shower drain and then harden to form a complete drain blockage!

Additionally, when the crumb rubber goes down the drain they can end up in our wastewater and waterways.  

field turf crumb rubber in drains causing clogs

How to prevent crumb rubber from going down the drains?

The best way to prevent this problem is to insert a floor drain strainer into the drain.  Drain-Net offers a number of different drain strainer products made of different materials including plastic, nylon, and stainless steel.  These drain strainers can work in shower drains, trench drains, mop basin or janitorial drains.  Don't let field turf crumb rubber continue to cause drain clogs and backups in your facility.

drain strainer for rubber field turf 



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