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Soda Nozzle Cleaner
Product Code: SND-22

soda_nozzle_defender2soda nozzle defender
$13.43 each

Key Reasons for using Soda Nozzle Cleaner:
  • Cleans and eliminates germs while nozzle parts are soaking.
  • No more scrubbing parts when used on a regular basis.
  • Easy and safe-to-use dissolving action formula.
  • Easy maintenance program will reduce employee labor cost
  • Our Soda Nozzle Cleaner is more efficient than any soap, soda water, harsh bleaches, etc. Guaranteed not to crack/deteriorate or harm your nozzle parts.
  • Give your customers a germ-free soda!
Our powdered formula is also ideal for use as a spray bottle applicator in cleaning other parts of your soda machine
What's included?  16 oz. Jar (or 32 oz Jar), powdered formula.
  1. Fill a bucket with warm water
  2. Add 1-2 scoops of dissolving powder formula. (2 scoops per 1 gallon of water)
  3. Put nozzle parts in the bucket to soak
  4. Allow the nozzle parts to soak overnight
  5. Rinse parts with water before re-installing
Spray bottle usage:
Add 2 scoops to bottle and fill with water
Cleaning Usage:
Soda nozzles, beverage tray, grate, internal parts, outside surface
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