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Beverage Tray DEFENDER (6-pack)
Product Code: BTD-06

Beverage Tray DEFENDER
Beverage Tray DEFENDERrestaurant soda tower drain line clog preventionBeverage Tray DEFENDER (6-pack)The Beverage Tray Defender by Drain-NetDrain Problems at Beer TapBeverage Tray DefenderBeverage Tray Defender - BenefitsSoda Fountain Drain Defenderbeverage_tray_defender
$24.95 each

Every Soda Fountain Tower and Beer Tap Needs one! You'll be amazed!

image Beverage Tray Defender - Soda Fountain Drain Clog & Fruit Fly Remover - Drain-Net

An often overlooked area at restaurants and foodservice facilities is the soda fountain and/or beer tap dispenser, and in particular, the associated tray area and drain lines. Although seemingly harmless, the dispenser tray and drain lines regularly become a breeding ground for the growth of fruit flies as well as cold water mold and clogged drain lines.

Until now the general remedy comprised of a constant flushing with caustic chemicals and/or hot water. Now with the innovation of, Beverage Tray DEFENDER the beverage tray and subsequent drain lines are treated 24/7.

Simply place an all-natural, eco-friendly Beverage Tray DEFENDER proprietary disc beneath the beverage and/or beer tray grating and the disc will activate with normal operation and without special attention. This will solve your cold water mold issues and clogged drain lines.

Get rid of fruit flies at restaurants

Key Reasons to Try This Product:

1) Eliminates cold water mold, odors, and keeps drain lines clear 24/7.
2) Maintenance-free, slow-releasing, eco-friendly proprietary disc with no caustic chemicals.
3) Save hundreds of dollars in maintenance and downtime cost.

How does it work?:

1) Put the proprietary disc in your beverage tray
2) As ice melts, the slow-releasing disc releases the proprietary bacterial formula throughout the drainline.
3) The active bacteria eliminates mold, odors, and can even clean up the drain line.
4) Replace about every 2 weeks

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Beverage Tray Defender drain line cleaner

Unclog Beverage Tower Drains

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