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Product Code: FS-1

$1,322.00 each

The FS-1 Flat Strainer separates and collects coarse solids such as rice, coleslaw, and other food scraps larger than 0.125" in diameter found in point source drain flows.  This product is designed to replace food disposals.  Dewatered solids may be emptied into a trash receptacle.

Instead of grinding the food waste and wasting clean water for flushing, the strainer drawer strains the food solid particles under the pre-rinse sink when dirty dishes are being pre-rinsed, removing the wet waste from the restaurant’s wastewater.  It is also great for food preparation and ware-washing sinks.

Replace your garbage disposal in your restaurant

flat strainer for commercial kitchen specs

food scrapper diagram with grease trap

plumbing setup for commercial kitchen sink grease trap and strainer


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