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Traptex® - Prevent toilet clogs!
Product Code: T-1000

Traptex Plumbing Protection System
Traptex Plumbing Protection SystemTraptex hopper guard for toiletDevice to prevent toilet drain clogs
$300.00 each
$275.00 each when you buy 2 or more
$260.00 each when you buy 20 or more
$250.00 each when you buy 50 or more


traptex toilet guard and toilet protectorTerms and Conditions Summary:  Drain-Net is proud to be your authorized distributor for Traptex® for all non-hospital applications. Hospital applications must contact the manufacturer for direct purchasing.  We do not sell this product outside of the USA.  Please note that orders to hospitals or outside the USA will be refunded minus the credit card and handling fees. In compliance with the manufacturer, please provide the name of company and actual physical address of where the product will be installed (not the credit card or shipping address).  Please contact us at 844-564-9216 if you have any questions.  Drain-Net is not liable for any injuries or damages.    Click here for full Terms and Conditions for Traptex purchase.

Flushing of inappropriate items is a widespread problem in all facilities, resulting in clogs, burst pipes, flooding, and a drain on resources and revenue. Wipes, napkins, rags, paper towels, feminine products, diapers, and more have been flushed down toilets. Just because it leaves the toilet bowl, doesn’t mean it’s flushable. These products don’t disperse in water like toilet paper does. Instead, they accumulate over time in pipes and sewers causing catastrophic problems in the plumbing system or further down the waste stream in municipal water treatment facilities.

Stop Wipes and Non-Flushables from Clogging Pipes

The Traptex® Plumbing Protection System helps prevent non-flushable items from entering the pipes. This results in fewer maintenance calls for clogs, equipment failures, and plumbing disasters.

Traptex®Toilet Guard and Hopper Guard: Each stainless steel Traptex® Guard is designed to fit and features small, laser-cut hooks to catch cloths and wipes before they enter the pipes while allowing toilet paper and solid waste to pass through. By keeping cloths and wipes from entering the drain, Traptex® Guards help change bad flushing behavior. 

Traptex® Wipe Retriever: If cloths, wipes, or other non-flushables are trapped, they can be safely removed with our Wipe Retriever for proper disposal. This enables staff and housekeeping to address captured cloths without a costly plumbing or maintenance call. The Wipe Retriever provides the opportunity to remove cloths and wipes and correct the problem to reinforce a change in flushing behavior. This is sold separately.  Click here to view and purchase.

Traptex® helps prevent non-flushables from entering pipes, helping your business avoid disaster!


Sizing and installation

  • Sizing and installation does not require a professional.  You can do it yourself!  
  • After you order the product, you will receive an email from us with instructions for sizing.  Sizing is now fast and simple.  Take pictures of the toilet and send to us and we will identify the correct size Traptex that will be needed.  It's that simple!
  • If we cannot determine the size based on your pictures, we will send you a caliper (free of charge) to allow for exact measuring.
  • Traptex® is a made-to-order product.  After providing measurements, please allow 10 business days for the manufacturing of your order, plus shipping time.
  • We provide easy-to-follow installation instructions when we ship you the Traptex® Guard.  Click here to view installation instructions
  • Installation Tool sold separately (click here)

How to size a Traptex

 stop non-flushables from going down the toilet with this catcher protector

Reminder:  We cannot accept orders from Hospitals or customers installing the product in Hospitals. We are also excluded from selling to International Customers.  Any such orders will not be processed and will be refunded minus the credit card and handling fees.

Traptex® is a registered trademark of Sage Products LLC.  Drain-Net Technologies is a licensed distributor of Traptex®.  

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