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Secure Needle Disposal System for public restrooms, 1 Quart, Wall Mount Cabinet
Product Code: S-2100

Secure Needle Disposal System for public restrooms, 1 Quart, Wall Mount Cabinet
Secure Needle Disposal System for public restrooms, 1 Quart, Wall Mount Cabinetsharps-smpost_medical_sharps_container_wall_mounted_metal_cabinet_-_holds_1_quart_biohazardprevent_needle_hazards_-_drain-net_-_web
$149.00 each

Secure Needle Disposal Replacement Container, 1 Quart
Secure Needle Disposal Replacement Container with pre-paid mail back service, 1 Quart

Drugs, syringes, and hypodermic needles have become a problem in many public bathrooms.  Needles clog toilets and endanger employees when thrown away in the trash.  Now you can provide a safe alternative to needle disposal by installing secure needle-disposal boxes.

The 1 Quart Secure Needle Disposal System, designed specifically for public restrooms, provides self-injecting employees and customers a way to properly dispose of their needles while away from home.  This metal cabinet is sturdy, lockable, and allows entry by authorized personnel only.  The cabinet houses a 1 Quart hard plastic container that can either be safely disposed in the trash or mailed back, depending on state and local regulations for sharps disposal. The Secure Needle Disposal System was designed specifically for use in public restrooms. Customers are utilizing this system in restaurants, shopping malls, court houses, office buildings, libraries, gas stations, prisons, factories, department stores, hotels, casinos, airports, etc. 


  • Tamper-proof and puncture-proof powder coated metal
  • Dimensions: 8.75″H x 4.33″W x 5″
  • Sharps (needles) are disposed through a .49" opening at the top and uses a drop tube that feeds directly into the red container preventing removal of contents once disposed
  • Increase employee safety and peace of mind
  • Safer and cleaner for guests, preventing needle stick injuries
  • Reduce needles being flushed down the toilet
  • Reduce restroom shutdowns

How does it work?

Install the stainless steel cabinet in problem locations.  (A key is provided for security to be kept by the appropriate staff).  Then insert the 1-quart secure recovery container that fits perfectly in the cabinet.  As needed replace the container and properly dispose container.  

What's included?

  • One (1) 1-quart container
  • One (1) stainless steel cabinet
  • Two (2) keys

Replacement containers sold separately

Do I have to use the mail back container service?  Can I just throw the container in the dumpster?   State and local authorities each have their own rules and regulations for sharps (needle) disposal.  Contact your state environmental protection agency and your state health agency for more information regarding your state's regulations on medical waste. is also a great resource for safe and compliant sharps disposal information. 

Click here for the Needle disposal container with the mail back service.

Click here for the Needle disposal container without the mail back service.

Made in the USA

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