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FreshSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner - Dispenser
Product Code: FM-B100

$19.95 each

FreshSeat Toilet Seat Refill

clean toilet seat in public restrooms

FreshSeat is a revolutionary new way to get clean safe public toilet seats. Foam dispenses easily onto tissue to wipe toilet seats clean in seconds and dries almost instantly leaving no sticky residue. Up to 700 one-second sprays per can making it more economical than paper seat covers. Installs in seconds without the use of tools - plus easy to follow instructions printed right on the dispenser. Eliminates the waste of paper seat covers septic system safe.

  • tissue paper on toilet public restroomsElimintes the need for toilet covers and tissue barriers which can clog toilet drains
  • Foam dries in seconds and is safe for contact with skin
  • Easy to install
  • Up to 700 one-second sprays per can (sold separately)

Why this product is important:

Studies have found that on average, there are 50 bacteria on every square inch of a toilet seat.  This bacteria could be E.Coli, norovirus, shigella, and more.  (Click here for source).  No doubt about it, there could be a witch's brew of germs wherever you turn in public restrooms. Many people consider toilet seats to be public enemy No. 1.  If you squirm at the thought of creepy germs lurking on toilet seats, then it is time that public restrooms start giving customers and employees an option to ensure they have a sanitary toilet seat.  FreshSeat is the answer!

clean safe toilet seats - F-Matic toilet seat freshseat

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