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FloorSink DEFENDER (1-pack)
Product Code: FSD-04

FloorSink DEFENDER - to maintain clear drain lines in your restaurant
FloorSink DEFENDER - to maintain clear drain lines in your restaurantfloor_sink_defender_2018_bottom_viewFloor Sink DefenderFloor Sink DefenderFloorSink DEFENDER (1-pack)
$10.00 each

Floor Sink Defender fights FOG in restaurant pipesFloorSink Defender

The FloorSink Defender is a specially engineered device that is designed to fit within your floor sinks. FloorSink Defender takes advantage of our proprietary compound to break down oils, fats, greases, and odors that can cause drain problems and attracts pests such as fruit flies. The FloorSink DEFENDER works as part of the Pure Drain DEFENDER line of products to keep your drains clean!


The FloorSink DEFENDER is a passive device that is simply placed in any size floor sink without any tools, assembly or complicated procedures. Once you place in your floor sink, let the FloorSink DEFENDER do the dirty work. Designed to last for 15-20 days, the FloorSink DEFENDER merely becomes part of your monthly maintenance schedule.


As with all the Pure Drain DEFENDER line of products, FloorSink DEFENDER’s proprietary compound is a non-caustic, pesticide free, all-natural, organic compound composition. We suggest using this product in combination with our UltraFloor Cleaner.


Product Features:

  • Continuously releases bacteria formula utilizing a revolutionary delivery mechanism.
  • Eliminates a common fruit fly breeding area.
  • Cuts grease build up, fatty acids, and tough dirt, leaving only a pleasant ocean breeze fragrance behind.
  • Requires minimal maintenance - just place the device in a floor sink and replace this disposable device when compound has dissipated. The FloorSink DEFENDER is designed to last 15 to 20 days (depending on water flow).

drain%20defender%20banner Floor Sink DEFENDER - Eliminate Fruit Flies, Odors, and Grease Buildup at Restaurants

floor sink defender for FOG in drain pipes

floor sink defender 3 pack FSD-5 

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