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Dipstick Pro Mini - A FOG Sampler for indoor grease traps
Product Code: F2642EA

Dipstick Pro Mini - A FOG Sampler for indoor grease traps
Dipstick Pro Mini - A FOG Sampler for indoor grease trapst-handleball-valvedimpstick-mini
$385.00 each

The Dipstick Pro Mini is designed to take accurate samples of indoor grease traps, interceptors, and tanks.  Available in 2' or 3' lengths, this sampler is ideal for hard to reach grease traps that sometimes sit under 3 compartment dish sinks.  The bottom of the tube has a ball Valve that allows liquid in when lowered into the tank.  To seal the valve simple pull up on the stainless steel actuator handle on the other end. 

  • Get accurate samples of settleable solids, grease, sludge, and liquids in small, hard-to-reach locations
  • Blue markings on tube to allow for quick and easy measuring
  • Constructed with corrosion resistant, machined aluminum and impact resistant resin.   (Other competitor products use cheap plastics and rope, which won't hold up!)
  • Uses a t-handle and arm lever to operate the ball valve consistently. This cutting-edge technology and design ensure a true core sample that is repeatable.
  • Diameter of tube is 1¼"
  • Other core samplers, on the market, are designed with objects that restrict the sample, causing irregular results and inability for consistent accuracy 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the mini dip stick have extension pieces?
A: NO. We make the mini in a 2FT or 3FT length.

Q: Is the Dipstick Pro Mini CSA approved?
A: The Dipstick Pro Mini does not have a CSA accreditation

Q: The Grease Trap I want to sample is right underneath a 3 compartment sink (or tight space). Can I use the Dipstick Pro Mini on an angle?
A: You can start to put the Dipstick Pro in the Grease Trap on an angle but should straighten it up before it touches the bottom of the Grease Trap and the actuator handle is pulled. Typically you only need about 3" of clearance to pull the actuator handle to capture a sample.  This ensures a proper measurement of solids in the bottom of the trap.  Once the handle is pulled and the ball valve on the bottom of the Dip Stick is closed, you can then remove the Dip Stick from the interceptor on an angle and still have your sample in tack.

Q: Do you offer DipStick Pro's in longer lengths?
A: Yes, we offer lengths up to 18 feet long!

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