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LOR Series Coalescers (Oil Removal Technology)
Product Code: LOR-2

LOR Series Coalescers (Oil Removal Technology)
LOR Series Coalescers (Oil Removal Technology)lor2lorgraphic3concept
$8,496.43 each

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Drain-Net is proud to bring you a breakthrough in Oil Removal technology.  The LOR and OR series of oil coalescers will remove up to 97% of free oil on a single pass. Engineering and design breakthroughs have provided outstanding performance and dramatic improvements in fluid management.

Your LOR Series Coalescer will help extend the life of your metalworking fluids by removing mechanically mixed and floating contaminating oils as well as solids from your charged systems. The various flow capacities between models allow the LOR Series Coalescer to better match your needs. The LOR Series are constructed of mild steel and are portable, so that they can be moved to and from different machines. 

With a floating skimmer in the machine tank/reservoir, the Coalescer pumps the contaminated fluids using a positive displacement supply pump (1/2HP, 1725r.p.m., TEFC, C-Faced, One phase-115/230 volt) through a pre-filter bag for solids removal and into the Coalescer tank. As the tank fills, the contaminated fluids pass through a filter media pack, allowing the contaminating (waste) oils to separate from the metal working fluids and rise to the top. The waste oils then flow into the discharge weir and are gravity discharged to a suitable container while the clarified metal working fluids gravity discharged back to the machine tank/reservoir.

Model Lor2 (our smallest model) will process 2 gallons/minute or 120 gph.  Contact us for additional information and additional sizes.

This is what our LOR Series Coalescers can do with oily wastewater:


The photo above illustrates the capability of the LOR-Coalescer. In the container on the left, marked

(1.)We have simply drawn a sample of fluid from the customer’s CNC machining center, before the Model LOR-3 Coalescer was used. The container in the center of the photo, marked

(2.)Shows a sample taken from the clarified fluid return of the Model LOR-3 Coalescer. The container to the right, marked

(3.)Shows the discharged tramp oil, pulled out of the fluid. Also notice the minimal percentage of water in the container. This customer has extended sump life from once-per-month dumping to over (6) months and still running!

He’s saving coolant, reducing down time and haul away charges.


Does your facility have fats, oil or grease in the watewater that needs to be removed before being discharging to the sewer?  Solving this problem is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Mop Wastewater Dumping Station - A wastewater pre-treatment system to remove solids from "scrubber water" or "mop water"
  2. Holding Tank - Size of tank depends on the amount of effluent per day.  We can supply 100 - 5,000 gallon tanks.  We can also supply the mixing equipment to treat the effluent and treatment chemicals once the oil is removed.
  3. LOR Series Coalescers - Remove the fats, oil, and grease!

mop water cleaning station


We will perform a number of lab tests to develop the most cost-effective treatment method. Further, we will return an accompanying lab report describing the treatment, a sample of the resultant, treated effluent and a desktop demo kit. The demo is an interesting and informative way for you to experience the simplicity and effectiveness of our treatment process.

In addition, we will also provide a detailed proposal for the treatment equipment to include drawings, equipment details and exact treatment cost. Please consider our three noteworthy warrantees and performance guarantees. Namely;

  1. All components of our treatment systems carry a 3-year, 100% parts replacement warranty.
  2. We also guarantee that the effluent that is treated with our process will pass discharge limits to local sewer
  3. The resultant solids (sludge) from our treatment process will pass the Federal criteria (TCLP) as non-.leaching/non-hazardous. Thus, these solids can be legally discarded into your trash dumpster along with office paper and similar trash.

We look forward to working with you and in helping to provide an affordable, common sense improvement in costs and environmental compliance.

----> Contact us for details on sending samples



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