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Ultra-Drain Guard®
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Removes sediment, pollutants, and other waste from storm water before it can become a problem in the water system.

Storm water pollution has become a major concern both locally and on a national level. Drain-Net’s Ultra-DrainGuard Oil & Sediment Plus Model® is a highly effective "Catch Basin Insert" designed to filter sediment, oil and debris from stormwater runoff. Ultra Drain Guard® exceeds 80% sediment removal efficiency and helps you comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) when used as Best Management Practice in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.

Ultra-Drain Guard Oil and Sediment Model Diagram

The device is a simple to install, cost effective means of removing pollutants from storm water as it flows into the storm drain. The Ultra-DrainGuard is installed in a catch basin and is suspended in place by the grate itself or with retainer rods. Storm water runoff enters the DrainGuard and is directed toward the pouch by a skirt made of a polypropylene, needle-punched, geotextile material. This fabric filters the pollutants from the water stream as it passes over and flows through the material.

Additionally, each Ultra-DrainGuard Oil & Sediment Plus Model® is equipped with X-Tex filter strips that removes oil and grease from water flow as it passes through the DrainGuard. The Ultra-DrainGuard is designed with "Bypass Ports" to prevent flooding from occurring should a large flow of storm water suddenly enter the storm drain system. The Ultra-DrainGuard may be custom sized to ensure unrestricted water flow into a catch basin in a heavy rain event. A single Ultra-DrainGuard unit can filter out and contain up to forty pounds of oil, sediment, debris and floatables.

Typical applications include:
Industrial Facilities - Keep oil and other contaminants from entering storm drains
Construction Sites - Capture eroded soil and wind-blown debris.
Parking Lots - Specially selected geotextiles collect oil, fuel and other contaminants that drip from cars.

Ultra-Drain Guard® Models

  • Oil & Sediment Model (O/S): Removes up to .87 gallons of hydrocarbons as
    well as dirt, sand and other contaminants. 
  • Oil & Sediment Plus Model (O/S Plus): The addition of X-Tex filter strips increases oil and grease absorption by .51 gallons, offering a total capacity of 1.38 gallons of hydrocarbon removal.
  • Trash & Debris Model: Designed specifically to catch larger items and floatables like leaves, cigarette butts and paper goods.

Ultra-Drain Guard Installation

Ultra Drain Guard to remove sediment pollutants and waste from storm water

Ultra-Drain Guard product table
  • See the results of a study conducted by the University of California on the Ultra-Drain Guards and other catch basin filters.



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