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BarDefender Drain Gel (6-pack)
Product Code: BDG-28

$36.95 each

FOG Drain treatment cleaner
Employees love this pre-measured 4 oz bottle!  Simply pour 1 bottle in each drain every 2 weeks to destroy FOG buildup in floor drains!
BarDefender Drain Gel is a perfect solution for the bar/food service industry.  Our pre-measured 4 oz bottles takes the guess work out of how much to pour into each drain, saving time and money.  This powerful little bottle has over 2 billion (good) bacterial spores.
What's included?  6 pre-measured 4 oz bottles.
Product Highlights:  
  • BarDefender Drain Gel will destroy fats, oils, and grease by digesting the organic waste, keeping drain lines clean and clear
  • Will help remove drain odors and will improve the flow of all drains.  
  • Safe for use on metal or plastic drain pipes
  • This product is NOT a pesticide.  Fruit fly breeding will come to an end with normal drain treatments
  • This product is Salmonella Free: Our Drain Gel formula clings to the side of drain pipes to eliminate odors commonly found in bar drains
Perfect for: Floor Drains, Beer Tap Dispensers, sinks, Soda Fountains, Floor Sinks.
Directions: Take one 4 oz. bottle and pour down each drain once every 2 weeks.  When applying, pour around edge of drain for best results.  For hand washing sink, beer tap and soda fountain dispensers, use one-half bottle (2 oz.) once a week to keep drains clear.
Note: during the breeding of fruit fly season, apply one 4 oz. bottle once a week to floor drains and floor sinks; the thickened clinging formula will keep fruit fly breeding under control.
FOG drain cleaning
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