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Foamer Simpson 5.0 Liter Pump-Up Foamer with 17 inch wand and 6.5 ft hose
Product Code: FSPU005

Foamer Simpson 5.0 Liter Pump-Up Foamer
Foamer Simpson 5.0 Liter Pump-Up Foamerfoamer_simposon_sprayfoamer_simposon_urinalfoamer_simpson_5_-_maintenance_drain-techfoamer_simposon_key_features
$236.00 each

This handy, Pump-Up Foamer Delivers Rich, Thick Foam for a Fraction of the Cost Versus Power Foamers

  • drain foam cleaningPerfect for indoor and outdoor use in any commercial or industrial areas
  • Manual Pump Construction Saves Money While Producing Thick, Rich Foam Similar to Shaving Cream
  • Patented double hose technology produces foam at the applicator tip, not in the tank
  • Adjustable air mix for wetter or drier foam
  • Easy to use and reliable.
  • Ideal for Use with our QuickClean Foam or Any Other Foaming Product


  • Includes angled fan spray nozzle, 17" wand and 6.5 ft hose
  • Tank size: 5.0 Liter | 1.3 Gallons
  • Material: Light weight yet durable plastic - makes servicing jobs easy and reliable
  • Fill markings in gallons and liters
  • Extra wide stability base
  • No tool change necessary to coat surfaces or foam drains
  • Every Part is Available Should a Replacement be Necessary

Instructions For Use: 

  1. Remove all components from packaging. Attach the extension wand to the trigger handle.
  2. Securely hold the tank and unscrew the pump assembly (blue handle) from the tank.
  3. For the best quality foam, do not fill the foamer to more than 1 gallon. Since air is required to make the foam as well as for pressurizing the foamer, the extra head space is necessary.
  4. Fill the foamer to the desired level with water, then add the InVade Bio Foam (1 oz per quart or 4 oz per gallon), or OutLAST Pro Foaming Agent followed by the chemical you are foaming, per label directions.
  5. Swirl the foamer to mix, but do NOT shake.
  6. Pressurize the tank by pumping up the unit to the desired pressure or until the pressure release valve begins to leak air.
  7. Once the desired pressure has been achieved, push the pump handle down and twist it clockwise to lock it in place. You are now ready to start foaming.
  8. While InVade Bio Foam and OutLAST Pro are not corrosive, it is a good idea to clean the foamer regularly with fresh water to extend its life.
  9. If using other products in the foamer, make sure they are compatible with plastic parts.
  10. Always depressurize the foamer using the green relief valve on the side (until the red part of the stem is visible) after use and prior to removing the pump. Beware of spray.
  11. It is important to keep adequate pressure in the tank to maintain foam consistency.
  12. It may be necessary to clean, and periodically replace the white foam insert in the nozzle to maintain foam quality after multiple uses.

Foamer Simpson 5.0 Liter Pump-Up commercial Foamer

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