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Clean Bar Combo Pack - Rid your bar or brewery of fruit flies
Product Code: BAR10

$204.00 each

Its time to get rid of the fruit flies in your bar or brewery!  This combo pack gives you all the fire-power needed to eliminate fruit flies once and for all.   

What's included? 

  • Outbreak Defender (Food-Safe Fruit Fly Control) that stops current outbreaks.  If you have a fruit fly outbreak, spray directly on fruit flies and they’ll be dead in minutes! All natural, Bio-Based formulation made from food grade ingredients. Ready-to-use formula that is non-staining with no messy residue Peppermint oil fragrance is refreshing.
  • Fruit Fly Destroyer - Prevent fruit flies by killing them in the larva stage. All-natural bio-based formulation, safe for all humans, animals, and the environment. Spray in drains, mop sinks, mop heads, garbage cans, and wherever you find fruit flies.
  • Fruit Fly Bar Pro - Time-released, odorless vapor Kills fruit flies, cockroaches, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, and more.  Use this in non-food areas such as dumpsters or after hours. Odorless and leaves no residue. Simply place in the problem area and see results within 24 hours
  • Beer Tap Defender - A drip tray deodorizer with eco-friendly five-strain bacterial chip eliminates and prevents cold water mold, fruit fly breeding, and cleans the grate drain line to prevent it from clogging!  Will also thin out the yeast that travels into the floor drain and will remove odors.
  • Beer Line Cleaning Brush - 66” long brush, perfect for cleaning out bacteria buildup in drain-lines and draft lines

 This combo pack is 10% off the regular price!  Don't need everything?  Click the products below to buy what you need.

Fruit Fly Facts:

  • Studies show that 2 mating fruit flies can produce enough offspring to fill the void between the earth and the sun… in one year!
  • Fruit flies have a strict diet of yeast and can survive off of alcohol fumes alone!
  • Male fruit flies that are denied intimacy turn to alcohol more often
  • Fruit fly eggs can lay dormant for up to a year until conditions are right for them to hatch!

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