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Drain DEFENDER Testing Procedure


The Drain DEFENDER system uses a unique bacteria-based composition, wherein these “good bacteria” are designed to feed off of fats, oils and greases, as well as “infect” fruit/drain flies causing them to die off and unable to multiply.  Moreover, our patent pending delivery systems for the composition allows it to be placed in a facility’s various drain outlets to completely condition the drain system.  When used in combination with our bacteria based floor cleaner, a facility will realize unmatched sanitary conditions.


To that end, when testing and/or using our products, please suspend regular/typical cleaning methods.  The reason is that many, if not all, cleaners contain caustic or harsh chemicals, such as bleaches, lye’s, acids, borax, Drain-O’s, Mule Kick, etc.  If these products are used while also using our products, these harsh chemicals may reduce the efficiency of our good bacteria, which may result in our products not working and/or showing poor results.


Thus, it is very important and it needs to be emphasized, that when testing/using our products, any other cleaning chemicals should not be administered that will come in contact with our products.


Drain-Net stands 100% behind our products and when used as directed, they will effectively maintain a clean drain environment and eliminate fruit/drain flies.


View our Drain Defender Products


View our Drain DEFENDER Products

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