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Commercial Drain Brush DB001

Commercial Drain Brush (for floor drain cleaning)
Commercial Drain Brush (for floor drain cleaning)Commercial Drain Brush for restaurant drainsDare to Compare Drain Brushes
$29.99 each



Clean your drains with Drain-Net's custom designed Commercial Drain Brush.  This is the ultimate cleaning tool that every restaurant, commercial kitchen, and any facility with drains must get.

  • 36” flexible wire allows brush to easily access hard to reach floor drains
  • The drain brush features a new splash guard to ensure that anything splashing out of the drain on removal hits the bottom of the splash guard and not the user’s clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Polypropylene bristles and three wire twist design to ensure the brush doesn’t fall apart
  • Single bristle design for max strength and cleaning power
  • Poly Ball on the end to guide smoothly through elbow turns in drain pipes
  • The drain brush can clean 3" and 4" drains.


Product Name: Commercial Drain Brush
Product ID's:  DB001
Product Category:  Restaurant, Commercial Kitchens, and Food Service Cleaning Tool
Dimensions: 36" long
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.
Sold As: 1 Unit  

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