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R2 Fine Particle Strainer (FPS)
Product Code: R2-FPS

fine particle strainer
fine particle strainerRhino2 FPSRhino2 FPSRhino2 FPS - filterRhino2 Fine Particle Strainer (FPS)Rhino2 Fine Particle Strainer (FPS)R2-Fine Particle Strainer
$299.99 each


waste water particle strainer for restaurants and commercial kitchens

Did you know – an average restaurant will wash almost 2 pounds of solids down the drain daily, if not more!

The R2 Fine Particle Strainer (FPS) is a high quality, but low cost and low maintenance system that removes 99% of food or organic debris particles from all sink fittings before they pass into the drainage system.

The reduction in solids means dramatically reduced; blockages, foul odor, corrosion, expensive reactive plumbing, high pumping frequency and surcharges from municipal water authorities.

The Benefits are clear:
• Reduces BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
• Reduces TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
• Reduces Plumbing Blockages
• Reduces Drain Line Odor Problems
• Reduces Corrosion and Acidity
• Reduces High Frequency Pump Outs
• Improves Grease Trap Performance
• Saves Money
• Lowers Risk of receiving Sewer and Wastewater Fines and Surcharges

Rhino2 Fine Particle Strainer (FPS)


Product Name: R2 Fine Particle Strainer (FPS)
Product ID:  R2-FPS
Product Category:  Plumbing, Restaurant, Commercial Kitchens, and Food Service Equipment, Waste Interceptor
Material: High grade, recycled black plastic using a roto-mold process

Height: 13 1/4” (33.7 cm)
Width: 10 5/8” (27 cm)
Length: 8 7/8" (22.5 cm)

What’s included: 1 R2-FPS unit, supplied with legs and coupling + 30 day supply of Micro-Filters

Shipping Info: Usually ships within 1-3 Business Days

Installation and Maintenance

Click here to view and download the R2 Fine Particle Strainer Installation and Maintenance Manual

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