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Drain-Net Organic Waste Digester, Water Soluble Packets (10-pack sample)
Product Code: MMD-254WS

$29.00 each

mega microbes water soluble packetsA superior powder blend for degrading F.O.G. (fats, oils, grease) and other food waste that causes blockages and odor, in pre-measured doses of 4 ounces sealed in a biodegradable clear pack that instantly dissolves when dropped into water.

Drain-Net's Dry Commercial Super-Blend product features:

  • Formulated free flowing powdered concentrate
  • Contains a synergistic blend of eight friendly bacterial strains along with, buffers, surfactant, and stabilized enzymes to enhance degradation capabilities of heavy organic deposits.
  • Designed to address waste treatment problems resulting from heavy deposits of difficult to non-biodegradable compounds such as unprocessed greases, surfactants, cellulose, hydrocarbons and phenols, and is ideal for use in many applications.
  • Prevents drain clogs caused by F.O.G.
  • Perfect for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and any food establishment business

What's included? Ten 4oz water soluble packets filled with our dray formula blend. No measuring required!

WHY USE WATER-SOLUBLE PACKETS? Pre-measured packets are ideal for residential or commercial facilities maintenance because they eliminate direct handling of the powder and provide consistent dosing measurements from treatment to treatment. Packets can be added directly to septic systems in the packet, or immersed in a pail of water which after stirring can be poured into multiple drains, sprayed over contaminated soil, lagoons, and many other applications.


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