Tape for Guardian Drain Lock and Flood Guards
Product Code: GDLT60

replacement bands for guardian drain lock
$34.95 each

Missing the black rubber band that encircles the Guardian Drain Lock?  Have a Guardian Drain Lock that is a little loose in the drain?  This special rubber tape solves these problems.  It is a rubber-based insulation tape with elastic properties to allow for wrapping, stretching and molding.  Simply take the roll of tape and measure and cut it to the appropriate length and width to wrap around the Guardian Drain Lock.  This tape is engineered to provide a moisture seal around the drain lock and has an adhesive that bonds well to the fiberglass body of the drain lock.
  • What's included?  1 roll of tape
  • Tape Width: 1.5" wide
  • Tape Length: 60" long
  • Tape Thickness: 125-mil
  • Operating temperature range of 32°F to 176°F.
Please note, you will need to cut the tape to the appropriate length (and width) so you can get many uses in one roll of tape!