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Mop Sink Defender
Product Code: MSD-05

$22.45 each

How does Mop Sink Defender Work:  As liquids run over the top of the blue bacterial puck, it will start to shrink and release the bacterial puck slowly into the drain line.  No more clogged drain pipes.

What does this blue puck do:  The Mop Sink Defender bacterial puck contains live bacteria, which removes build-up from fats, oils and grease in the drain line, along with all nasty odors.

Maintenance for Mop Sink Defender: This product is very simple to maintain.  Simply place one blue puck next to the drain cover in the floor or mop sink.  Replace as needed.

How long does it last:  Depending on liquid flow, each puck could last 8 to 12 days before it dissipates.

3 Bacterial Pucks Per Jar.

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